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Poem: Aiming a Mountain

Aiming a Mountain by: Jason Arnoco | 101815

When stress becomes epidemic and slaying, Aim a mountain and be healed by its scenic offering. From powering fortitude of a heart at the jump off point, Up to the sentiment of victory at the summit’s roof.

Take the first step that marks the entire walk, And brace oneself to find out the expected hope. The trajectory may be rough, dry, and muddy, But the happy feet will surely complete the journey.

Trees standing tall in their roots, With grass setting stones, and rocks donating a helpful hold. Birds are chirping while wind is gusting, With fogs covering the vision, one will notice the unusual breathing.

Half of the trail, feeling the need to refuel, Break and feast under the shades of shaped clouds and greeneries. Aroma of nourishment blending that of the nature, And make such remarkable socials in the series.

Now that the top is being eyed, Boost the complete being with another hope parting the pressure. Because the goal is to let the stress…